Louer Completes Furniture Project for SIUE Engineering Design Lab

School of Engineering student project teams have a new space where they can collaborate to develop conceptual designs and use the same space to fabricate and bring their projects to life. It was important that the space would be borderless, without walls isolating the teams, but open to allow the creative buzz to energize the students. Located on the second level of The Fowler Student Design Center Building, and known as “The Innovation Loft”, it has an airy feel with movable tables, chairs and display devices that can be easily rearranged depending on the user group’s size and need for concentration.


The Louer team listened closely to the School of Engineering when they talked about how they wanted the space to work, and chose furniture that could be moved about and still withstand the rigors of heavy student use. Different heights of tables and chairs were employed to give the space visual interest as you enter and to offer a variety of settings for student collaboration. Even the modular lounge furniture can be rearranged and used as seating for presentations or for a more relaxed meeting space.


Numerous large monitors are on stands with over-sized casters so they can be easily rearranged to accommodate the task, and also act as dividers between work groups. Rearrangement of all furniture pieces is made possible by wireless internet, integrated technology and strategically placed power in the floor.

December 2019

Press Release