Spotlight on Industry Leaders

Business leaders have long heard the term “Entrepreneurial Culture,” but now this term is being discussed widely at every level of an organization. One may ask what is it and how is it created?

An organization’s culture is outwardly reflected by their choice of furnishings and interior design elements. These factors directly influence how their employees work. And because a company’s workforce is the conduit to its clients, it is essential to create an inspiring workplace that encourages employee engagement and productivity. Workplace design that supports this goal is necessary to attracting and retaining talented and dedicated employees and ultimately key to a company’s survival and long term success.

Louer Facility Planning, Inc. understands the intricacies of entrepreneurial culture. For two decades, we’ve helped our clients to create and design unique workspaces which break down barriers and promote collaboration. Our approach to the design and configuration of interior spaces, along with the careful layout and selection of furnishings, supports an organization’s desired culture and serves to engage and motivate employees.

Talk with us today about creating a work environment that encourages such a “culture change” in your organization. Let us make it happen for you.

April 2015

Illinois Business Journal

Spotlight on Industry Leaders