Furniture Solutions

Planning and Layout
The team assembled for your project will include an interior designer who will develop a client needs analysis and space program to be used for layouts showing furniture placements within the space. This process will include exploration of several options for space usage.

Furniture Selection and Specification
Services are available to assist customers and design firms in the selection and specification of the best furniture for their spaces, needs and budgets. Our staff of interior design professionals is trained to help navigate through the myriad of choices for products. We will suggest furniture solutions that support changing spaces and that are environmentally responsible.

Once the furniture direction is established, our design team can develop the detailed specifications for the furniture and make finish selections to compliment the building interior.

Furniture Budgets
Early in the design process, a furniture budget can be developed for approval. This will then become the control point, against which further project development and change is checked. At the end of the design process, a final budget with a guaranteed cost will be presented.

Furniture Sales, Installation & Service
Once the furniture has been selected and approved for purchase, your account manager will see that the orders are placed in a timely fashion to meet your planned installation date. During the time between order and install, the customer does not see much activity, but internally we are very busy. We are expediting acknowledgements and ship dates, we are checking acknowledgements for accuracy, we are adding details to installation drawings and we are coordinating installation start dates with installers, owners and contractors.

We have someone from our staff on site when your furniture arrives, and during the installation process. We do not expect you to manage the installation. We perform punch list and we replace or repair defective products.

Leasing Programs
Louer Facility Planning provides several leasing/financing options to our clients. Consult with your account manager to explore budgetary lease numbers for your project.