Pennsylvania Retired Persons Pharmacy

Horsham, Pennsylvania Lobby

Attention to details in the design of the lobby was the key to transformation of the space from ordinary to special.  This office renovation project of 27,000 SF was challenging due to the limitations of the existing space as well as the need to plan for functional offices to support a new state-of-the art prescription fulfillment system.

Interior design services included programming, space planning, architectural detailing, development of the reflected ceiling and lighting plan, finish and furniture selections, graphic design and artwork procurement.


Executive conference space features indirect and dimmable lighting scenes to give maximum control for presentations.  The teleconferencing system was built into the wall and surrounded by presentation boards.

Pop up power modules on the table top allow conference attendees to plug laptops into the company network to facilitate working sessions.  A kitchen is located adjacent to the room along with a serving area that can be set up without interference to meetings in progress.


The training room was designed to as a multi-purpose space to accommodate staff meetings and social events, as well as training for computer applications.  Special lighting controls allow the trainer to easily change from overhead to indirect and dimmable light scenes. 

Training tables have integrated electrical and data wiring to make set up and operation easy and efficient.


A major part of this project was the layout and specification of the furniture systems.  A Request for Proposal package was developed by the interior design team to insure the client obtained the best quality at a competitive price.   Data entry workstations were given visual interest by the use of glass and angled panels.  Groups of ten workstations were arranged in a cluster to facilitate team interaction.

Monitor Systems

The prescription fulfillment process required sophisticated monitoring equipment that was on display behind glass walls. Designers made this an interesting feature point for potential clients who toured the facility.

Furnishings were chosen to efficiently and attractively display the extensive computer hardware.