IOWA Retired Persons Pharmacy

Des Moines, Iowa


Visitors entering the building are impressed with the crisp and open feel of the lobby space.  The open ceiling grid frames the higher space above, creating visual interest.

From this entry, visitors have easy access to a conference room, the executive offices or to the general office areas.  The receptionist station has been designed to allow general secretarial work to be done without having visual clutter in sight.  The work area was tucked behind a glass wall, with visibility to the lobby while hiding the paper and equipment.


Vertical towers incorporated into the open office plan served many functions:  visual break creating interest, way finding within the space, and power and data distribution.

Each tower opened to contained punch down panels for data and communications to the workstations. Change in the field is more easily facilitated with this local distribution.


Keeping the major elements of an existing office space intact, while creating working spaces that improved efficiency and aesthetics was the challenge of this renovation project.

The design team created interest for 120 workstations in the open office space by the use of angled and glass panels, variable panel heights and intense color accents.  Lowered open ceiling areas were used to modulate the space.


Computer training was an important need for this client.  Training rooms were created containing concealed overhead projection with integrated wiring configurations to allow any user screen to be displayed to the classroom.

In addition, equipment closets were located centrally between training rooms to allow trainers easy access to audio and video equipment.  Lighting systems adjusted the levels for different uses with the push of a button.